RESEARCH Perspectives on Wildlife Conservation

By documenting conservation science and exploring voices of traditional ecological knowledge, we engage in a new storytelling approach to preserving our planet’s biodiversity.




PRODUCTION - Operations

New Path Forward: Coexisting through Conservation Research

Belinda Retief is a professional who has made a significant career transition from being an operations manager at one of the largest retail chains in southern Africa to joining the Conservation Film Foundation.

Belinda was born Rundu in the North and spent most of her childhood raised in the mountains of the North West of Namibia. As a result, she has an intimate understanding of the region and its unique challenges, particularly when it comes to conservation.

Belinda’s role at the Conservation Film Foundation allows her to combine her business management skills with her passion for conservation. She is responsible for overseeing the production of the foundation’s films, from budget planning  to the the logistic of film expeditions.


Her experience in human capacity building and skills training has provided her with valuable skills and knowledge that she can apply to her work in the film industry.

Belinda is committed to making a positive impact in the world and hopes to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet through the  documentary films of the Conservation Film Foundation.




Living in Harmony: Indigenous Perspectives on Wildlife Conservation

Hendrick Munembome embodies Indigenous Storytelling at the Conservation Film Foundation. He is our man in the field during our film expeditions with an extensive background in animal behavior training and a deep understanding of the traditional Himba culture, having grown up in the North West of Namibia.

Hendrick specializes in training communities, especially the Himba people, in dealing with desert-adapted elephants and promoting human-wildlife coexistence in rural Namibia. His work focuses on reconciling human-wildlife conflicts and preserving the delicate balance between wildlife and local communities.

As an Indigenous Storyteller, Hendrick uses his knowledge of the Himba culture and their traditional beliefs to help raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

He promotes a better understanding of the complex relationship between humans and wildlife in Namibia, and how we can learn from the animals and the natural world.

Hendrick is also responsible for ensuring that animal behavior is observed during guided film safaris, to help minimize the impact of filming on the animals and their natural habitats and cultural conventions.



FILMMAKER - Producer, Director

When documenting wildlife: “We are , because the landscape is.”  (CFF-2023)

Jens Schneider, Founder, Executive Producer and Director at the Conservation Film Foundation, of over 150 wildlife, nature and environmental education films set in Namibia’s wild landscapes. My films focus on reconciling humans with nature, on how we are, because the landscape is. We explore the delicate balance between natural wildlife and rural communities and on unearthing the ancient wisdom of African communities, and discovering new ways to coexist with the wildlife that shares our planet.

I drive changing perspectives and explore the unknown in conservation research through the use of point of view visual stories, which place viewers in the middle of the action. These stories explore the relationship between animals and humans co-existing in a particular landscape, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise as these two worlds intersect with conservation.

I often rely on my academic background in Communication Science, the time lecturing  on the subject at the University of Namibia and NIPAM. I find it useful that I was trained as eLearning instructional designer, content developer, and facilitator, and have presented many educational capacity development workshops and consultations in various African countries, Europe, the Philippines and Georgia-Caucasus.


We are fortunate to work with the finest:

Landscapes. Wildlife. Humans. Technology. Cameras. Lenses. Software. Scripts. Music. Voices.


Join us on a journey to the heart of Namibia’s wilderness, where wildlife roams free and nature reigns supreme. Through the lens of the Conservation Film Foundation, we discover the untold stories of those working tirelessly to protect and preserve these precious landscapes and their species and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of a world we cannot afford to lose. These are not just environmental films about Namibia, but a call to action – to stand with us in our mission to protect and safeguard the future of our planet.

Because together, we can make a difference. Be part of the solution.


Join us on a journey to the heart of Namibia’s wilderness, where we discover the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

Through the lens of the Conservation Film Foundation, we witness the extraordinary lives of the creatures who call this place home, and the tireless efforts of those working to protect and preserve their habitats.

But the fate of these majestic animals is not just in the hands of a few – it’s in the hands of every global citizen.

By supporting the Conservation Film Foundation, you too can contribute to the fight for conservation and help safeguard the future of our planet. Because when wildlife thrives, life thrives.

Join us today, and be a part of the solution.


Less of the obvious, more of the meaningful.

WE Got IT Covered


All environmental research projects and conservation efforts need to be well documented to create a mainstream understanding of the natural environment we as humans are part of.


All our films are targeted at bringing into balance the basics of a healthy relationship between humans and their natural environment.


Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of local people and involves interpretation and education”

Endangered Wildlife

Creating global awareness of the plight of endangered wildlife in Namibia is a priority. Watch our films on wildlife conservation efforts in Namibia on CONSERVATIONISTS IN ACTION.

The main function of the CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION TRUST, an environmental education non-profit NGO, is raising and availing funds for documenting and filming critical conservation projects towards awareness of critical research work, environmental education, protecting biodiversity and saving endangered species. All films are distributed through partners and screened on the public YouTube platform CONSERVATIONISTS IN ACTION

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Filming critical conservation projects and relevant research work in Namibia.

      1. Sharing biodiversity protection as a global and common concern of humankind.
      2. Disseminating a better and communal understanding of Namibia’s natural environments.
      3. Reinforcing that wildlife conservation has become the responsibility of every person living on planet earth.
      4. Supporting conservancy communities in environmental education, protecting biodiversity and  endangered species.

In a world of distraction and disconnect it has become of prime importance to reconcile humans with the enormous variety of life in Namibia’s natural environment.  Above all, humans need to be reconciled with essence of nature’s ecological life support, and the  inevitable consequences of avoiding this reality.

We build on the trust,  that together with you, mindsets and awareness levels can positively change. Our combined contribution awards conservation research and environmental protection agencies the recognition they deserve and inspires and supports them to continue their commitment to our planet on our behalf.

CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION documentaries inform , build resilience and mitigate future environmental and climate stressors for vulnerable Namibian communities to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The WHAT and WHY of our VISION:
  1. Our activities and documentary productions centre around the vision of a positive balance between Namibia’s natural resources and humans being sustained, improved or restored where possible,
  2. To build resilience and mitigate future stressors by assisting Namibian communities in protecting, managing and maintaining natural resources,
  3. To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The WHICH and HOW of our MISSION Made Possible:
  1. Identify and document meaningful capacity building projects that need assistance in assessing risks and mitigating environmental and climate change impacting on their survival, be it animals, humans, plants and biospheres by
  2. Objectively analysing information and mobilising resources to produce visual documentaries for education and
  3. Change towards a humane and environmentally sound future for all Namibians.

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Less of the obvious, more of the meaningful.