RESEARCH Perspectives on Wildlife Conservation




When documenting wildlife: “We are, because the landscape is.”  (CFF, 2023)

Jens Schneider, Founder, Executive Producer and Director at the Conservation Film Foundation of over 200 wildlife, nature and environmental education films set in Namibia’s wild landscapes. In close collaboration and partnership with MECO, CFF films focus on reconciling humans with nature, on how we are, because the landscape is. We explore the delicate balance between natural wildlife and rural communities, while focusing on spreading the ancient wisdom of African communities and discovering new ways to coexist with the wildlife that shares our planet.

CFF drives changing perspectives and explores the unknown in conservation research through the use of point of view visual stories, which place viewers in the middle of the action. These stories explore the relationship between animals and humans co-existing in a particular landscape, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise as these two worlds intersect with conservation.

FIlming projects guided by MECO, promotes a better understanding of the complex relationship between humans and wildlife in Namibia, and how we can learn from the animals and the natural world.





Founder MECO - Namibia

Living in Harmony: Indigenous Perspectives on Wildlife Conservation

Hendrick Munembome is the founder of MECO – Munembome Elephant Conservation Organisation , a partner organisation of the Conservation Film Foundation. Hendrick is the leader in the field during our film expeditions with an extensive background in animal behavior training and a deep understanding of the traditional Himba culture, having grown up in the northwest of Namibia.

Hendrick specializes in training communities, with specific focus on the Himba people, in dealing with desert-adapted elephants and promoting human-wildlife coexistence in rural Namibia. His work focuses on reconciling human-wildlife conflicts and preserving the delicate balance between wildlife and local communities.

As an indigenous storyteller, Hendrick uses his knowledge of the Himba culture and their traditional beliefs to help raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Hendrick is also responsible for ensuring that animal behavior is observed during guided film safaris to help minimize the impact of filming on the animals and their natural habitats and cultural conventions.