Our wildlife documentaries feature dedicated conservation research work and relevant environmental awareness initiatives that demonstrate scalable and measurable impact for mutually beneficial human wildlife co-existence in Namibia.

The CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION TRUST is an environmental education non-profit NGO for the purpose of raising and availing funds for documenting and filming ongoing conservation projects towards awareness of critical research work, environmental education, protecting biodiversity, saving endangered animal populations and replicating practical solutions for harmonious human wildlife coexistence. To raise awareness and engagement our films are shared widely by our partners partners and screened on our public YouTube platform CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION

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Regenerating nature in Humans

Regeneration is the natural process of restoring and reviving a close connection to the natural environment all life depends on.

“Coexistence of humans and wildlife is both possible and essential for successful conservation.”  Merrill Sapp 2022






All our documentaries of relevant conservation initiatives and critical conservation focused research work in Namibia can be viewed on CONSERVATIONISTS IN ACTION

CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION films are produced in Namibia to illuminate active conservation research, relevant environmental education and Eco-tourism projects, raising understanding of research on ecological functioning, biodiversity value and the vulnerability of endangered populations in Namibia. Our activities and documentary productions center around the vision of a positive balance between Namibia’s natural resources and humans being sustained, improved or restored.

Communities at the heart of Conservation

Supporting conservancy communities in environmental education, protecting biodiversity and endangered species.

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Community based natural resource management – CBNRM aims at contributing a significant proportion toward all conservation efforts in Namibia. We engage in direct and indirect support of those initiatives

Creating global awareness of the plight of rural communities living with endangered wildlife in Namibia is a priority. Subscribe to our work highlighting wildlife conservation efforts in Namibia on CONSERVATIONISTS IN ACTION .

Creating global awareness of the plight rural communities coexisting with endangered wildlife in Namibia is our distinct priority. Watch our work highlighting wildlife conservation efforts in Namibia on YT   CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION.

Our documentary films are in support of Namibian conservancies and communities living with wild animals and building their resilience to mitigate future stressors by assisting in protecting, managing and maintaining natural resources, so that we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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