One of our most rewarding project is investing in improving livelihoods of people living with wildlife, creating alternative food source and income models. We are assisting  the Otjimboyo COnservancy to become a model project for food production in an arid area. The capacity building and empowerment training provides desperately needed skills and motivation to the inhabitants to consider their plight from a perspective of opportunity, rather than despair.
It will furthermore be the first time where the plight of the community is documented on video, and the solutions implemented shared with the world.


With the assistance of various research teams in the field we learn about the techniques they use to connect and understand nature by delving into the understanding of animal behaviour and spacial ecology of landscapes in Namibia, and talk about some of the questions that ecotourism, conservation and research encounter in the face of the many unknowns


Wildlife conservation relies on the support of qualified and specially trained wildlife veterinarians. Both the @NUSTBRC and @UNAM took their final year students to the NUST Biodiversity Research Centre at Etosha Heights Private Game Reserve. Hold on to your seats for this virtual look into an exciting mix of wildlife clinical studies and an ecological long term study for Namibia by Namibians.


Videos in this category are designed to inspire everyone to travel to Namibia and engage with the rich heritage and pristine nature of Namibia’s valuable wildlife environment, conservation tourism and travel destinations.We show you new perspectives of Namibia’s travel destinations as well as taking you behind the scenes of real wildlife conservation in action, including research and its importance to Namibia’s travel market.
There is no place quite like NAMIBIA!



Successful conservation starts at grassroots levels. With our environmental education videos, we want to expose urban children to the incredible conservation work conducted in Namibia with the aim of inspiring some of the young learners to join the ranks of scientists in Namibia.

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