Sometimes, one person needs to come forward and take individual action. The alarming state of biodiversity decline is one of those times. Your individual act generosity adds immense value to our shared vision of wildlife conservation, and through our films you and the world can now see how your action directly impacts our common goals. Contact us directly for any clarification and support:  jens[at]

“As a community we stand together in managing our natural resources by protecting our environment and wild animals and introducing alternative solutions to ensure food security”

To continue making this a sustainable project that aims at providing self-reliance, food security and improving human wildlife co-existence we value your support which will DIRECTLY go to this community for: Fertilization, new seeds and seedlings, protective clothing, market access.

This Community Garden Project near the Brandberg is thankful for any small assistance. Contact us directly for any clarification and support:  jens[at]




The Otjimboyo conservancy is one of the smallest conservancies in the Erongo Region. There only about 342 persons living in 8 settlements in the area. Due to its size the conservancy seems to have been neglected in support and is one of the most vulnerable communities in Namibia as they bear the brunt of the climate change induced drought.  By introducing new ways of doing business, this project will open up new avenues of sustainable living in a desert area severely impacted by sustained drought due to climate change.
Otjimboyo will be a model of food production in an arid area. The capacity building and empowerment training provides desperately needed skills and motivation to the inhabitants to consider their plight from a perspective of opportunity, rather than despair.

On the western side of the Omihana an area suitable for agricultural development has been identified by the villagers. The soil is fertile and not saline, as is the case within the village.

Here a garden of about 4000-5000m² can be built to grow up to 6 different crops that are fairly drought and saline-water resistant and provide suitable nutrition for both humans and animals. (Tomato, Onion, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Bell Pepper, Lucerne, Kale). This will be done with the innovative introduction of 3 – 4  Green Irrigation Tunnels into the Otjimboyo Conservancy.