All environmental research projects and conservation efforts need to be well documented to create a mainstream understanding of the natural environment we as humans are part of, yet seem to have lost sight of.


Reconciling Humans with Nature is the core objective of the Conservation Film Foundation

Through the powerful media of video we align all our efforts to this mission.


Community based natural resource management- CBNRM contributes a significant proportion toward all conservation efforts in Namibia. We engage in direct and indirect support of those initiatives


Biodiversity needs marketing, PR campaigns and rebranding.  Our documentary films focus at giving biodiversity a powerful storytelling voice for inclusion in daily mainstream conversation.

Wildlife Preservation

Creating global awareness of the plight of endangered wildlife in Namibia is a priority. Watch some of our work highlighting wildlife conservation efforts in Namibia on our ECO CHANNEL AFRICA YouTube.


The main function of the CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION TRUST, an environmental education non-profit NGO, is raising and availing funds for documenting and filming critical conservation projects towards awareness of critical research work, environmental education, protecting biodiversity and saving endangered species. All films are distributed through partners and screened on the public YouTube platform ECO CHANNEL AFRICA

      1. Filming critical conservation projects and relevant research work in Namibia.
      2. Sharing biodiversity protection as a global and common concern of humankind.
      3. Disseminating a better and communal understanding of Namibia’s natural environments.
      4. Reinforcing that wildlife conservation has become the responsibility of every person living on planet earth.
      5. Supporting conservancy communities in environmental education, protecting biodiversity and  endangered species.

In a world of distraction and disconnect it has become of prime importance to reconcile humans with the enormous variety of life in Namibia’s natural environment.  Above all, humans need to be reconciled with essence of nature’s ecological life support, and the  inevitable consequences of avoiding this reality.

We build on the trust,  that together with you, mindsets and awareness levels can positively change. Our combined contribution awards conservation research and environmental protection agencies the recognition they deserve and inspires and supports them to continue their commitment to our planet on our behalf.

CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION documentaries inform , build resilience and mitigate future environmental and climate stressors for vulnerable Namibian communities to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The WHAT and WHY of our VISION:
  1. Our activities and documentary productions centre around the vision of a positive balance between Namibia’s natural resources and humans being sustained, improved or restored where possible,
  2. To build resilience and mitigate future stressors by assisting Namibian communities in protecting, managing and maintaining natural resources,
  3. To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The WHICH and HOW of our MISSION Made Possible:
  1. Identify and document meaningful capacity building projects that need assistance in assessing risks and mitigating environmental and climate change impacting on their survival, be it animals, humans, plants and biospheres by
  2. Objectively analysing information and mobilising resources to produce visual documentaries for education and
  3. Change towards a humane and environmentally sound future for all Namibians.

Less of the obvious, more of the meaningful.



ECO CHANNEL AFRICA is produced by Namibia’s CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION to showcase active conservation research, relevant environmental education and eco-tourism projects, raising understanding of research on ecological functioning, biodiversity value and the vulnerability of endangered species in Namibia.