• Reconcile Humans with Nature

  • Avoid threats to human safety

  • Mitigate threats to wildlife and landscape biodiversity

Der HUMAN WILDLIFE ALLIANCE Förderverein für Naturschutzfilme und Umweltbildung zur nachhaltigen Koexistenz von Menschen und Wildtieren in Namibia setzt sich dafür ein, Verluste von Menschenleben zu verhindern, gefährdete Spezies wie Wüstenelefanten, Nashörner, Löwen, Pangolin usw. zu bewahren und den Verlust von Lebensräumen und Biodiversität in Namibia einzudämmen.

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The HUMAN WILDLIFE ALLIANCE  fund raising programme is dedicated to conservation films and environmental education promoting sustainable coexistence between humans and wildlife in Namibia, stands in support of the Conservation Film Foundation in Namibia.

Our primary objective is to document and film critical conservation projects, aiming to create awareness about essential research endeavors, enhance human-wildlife coexistence, deepen the understanding of natural environments, provide environmental education, safeguard biodiversity, and lend support to endangered species.

Foremost, our commitment lies in preventing the loss of human life, preserving endangered species, and mitigating the decline of habitats and biodiversity in Namibia. Our overarching vision revolves around bridging the gap between humans and animals through environmental education and ecological insights. By employing informative films and programs, we endeavor to amplify awareness of the significance of harmonious human-wildlife coexistence. Harnessing the potent medium of film, we strive to propel environmental awareness and ecological education.

In intimate collaboration with on-ground experts in Namibia, we champion responsible interaction with desert elephants and drive the advancement of human-wildlife coexistence within rural Namibia. Our range of awareness and prevention films, alongside hands-on field training sessions conducted in Namibia, converge on the resolution of conflicts between humans and animals, and the delicate equilibrium between wildlife and local communities.

The core objective of our awareness films is to cultivate equilibrium and a symbiotic relationship between humans and their natural environment. This intricate process encompasses conservation research and environmental education across elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels. It comprehensively addresses the ramifications of climate change, extends support to and safeguards endangered species in Namibia, and, of paramount importance, empowers rural communities in sustainably managing natural resources.

By producing films that heighten environmental consciousness and by chronicling the contributions of every individual dedicated to this cause, we ensure the preservation and integration of present-day efforts into the mainstream, for the prosperity of generations to come.


Preserve Nature’s Legacy: Donate to the Conservation Film Foundation and Secure a Sustainable Future for Generations to Come.


Preserve Nature’s Legacy: Donate to the Conservation Film Foundation and Secure a Sustainable Future for Generations to Come.


Empower Conservation Education: Support the Conservation Film Foundation and Empower Communities to Protect and Cherish our Natural World.

Our Films Protect Wildlife, Preserve Habitats

Preserve Nature’s Legacy: Donate to the Conservation Film Foundation and Secure a Sustainable Future for Generations to Come.

Partner with CFF for Wildlife Conservation in Namibia!


The Conservation Film Foundation Studio is  based in Windhoek, Namibia.

Here we engage the art of film to document critical wildlife conservation research projects from a local perspective with global impact. CFF produces Environmental Education Films, reconciling humans with nature to foster coexistence for a sustainable future for all.

As you can imagine, time is of the essence, and we need your support!

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Our films go beyond mere visuals; they are a rallying cry for coexistence – a desperate call to action on how we need to thrive alongside endangered wildlife. This is not a drill!

With your immediate support, we produce riveting documentaries that embrace cutting-edge conservation research science and the traditional wisdom of indigenous ecological knowledge. Namibia’s biodiversity future depends on it!

Join us on our mission to reconcile humans with nature through the lens of our filmmakers in the field, where the urgency is palpable. We need you by our side to inspire positive change for abundance on our ailing planet.



Saving Namibia’s endangered wildlife requires awareness and financial support, and every contribution counts! So, if you’re able, we encourage you to donate or sign up for a convenient monthly donation. Even the smallest contributions can make a huge difference in protecting our endangered species and ensuring their survival for generations to come.

Also, the Conservation Film Foundation is counting on you to share our content, like and follow us on Instagram and YouTube and let us grow our global impact to be the change our fragile earth urgently needs!

With your participation, the sheer force of storytelling and local community engagement, Conservation Film Foundation ignites a lasting impact. Your donations, corporate and private funding, and some public grants are the lifeblood that allows us to produce films that educate global and local audiences in their own language about the critical importance of conservation research and human-wildlife coexistence.

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All proceeds of our films go to the Eco-literacy film programs of the Conservation Film Foundation.



THE CFF embarks on this urgent journey to inspire an Eco-literate future generation – one that will cherish and protect natural landscapes and the fragile biodiversity they hold. Time is running out. We need our films to strike a harmonious balance between humanity and the magnificent wildlife we share this planet with.

Together, we can be the change that Namibian wildlife needs and create a world where animals thrive in their natural habitats

Let’s make a difference today! Visit our website now and join us in our mission to safeguard the future of Namibia’s beloved wildlife and show the work of conservationists in the field.

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All environmental research projects and conservation efforts need to be well documented to create a mainstream understanding of the natural environment we as humans are part of.


All our films are targeted at bringing into balance the basics of a healthy relationship between humans and their natural environment.


Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of local people and involves interpretation and education”

Endangered Wildlife

Creating global awareness of the plight of endangered wildlife in Namibia is a priority. Watch our films on wildlife conservation efforts in Namibia on CONSERVATIONISTS IN ACTION.

CONSERVATION FILM FOUNDATION documentaries inform , build resilience and mitigate future environmental and climate stressors for vulnerable Namibian communities to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The WHAT and WHY of our VISION:
  1. Our activities and documentary productions centre around the vision of a positive balance between Namibia’s natural resources and humans being sustained, improved or restored where possible,
  2. To build resilience and mitigate future stressors by assisting Namibian communities in protecting, managing and maintaining natural resources,
  3. To meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The WHICH and HOW of our MISSION Made Possible:
  1. Identify and document meaningful capacity building projects that need assistance in assessing risks and mitigating environmental and climate change impacting on their survival, be it animals, humans, plants and biospheres by
  2. Objectively analysing information and mobilising resources to produce visual documentaries for education and
  3. Change towards a humane and environmentally sound future for all Namibians.

    Less of the obvious, more of the meaningful.